A Boring Weekend

Days Without Alcohol: 44

I spent the majority of the weekend at home in front of the computer putting together the finishing touches to the East London Hosting web site that I have been putting off from doing for the past six months or so.

Although I made some errors and it was very tedious I managed to finish it, I also found time to set up a blog on the domain as well as a rather complex support ticket system that will never be used as most people email or talk to me over MSN about their hosting problems.

Training was not very good this afternoon. Only six of us turned up (I did not ask Reiss to come and Baran & his brood did not turn up despite saying they would) but the ones that did turn up had a bit of a kickabout and then broke into a game of Wembley, which I have not played in about twenty years.

Next week we are going to have a big match instead of training so hopefully this will convince more people to turn up.

I had a shave this morning and I decided to experiment and did a Hitler moustache, after about an hour I chickened out of wearing it outside and shaved it off but I did keep a small goatee type affair on my chin which seems to look OK. No doubt I’ll have shaved that off by next weekend though.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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