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I’m feeling slightly less grumpy since my last post. My new method of ‘when I get grumpy & moody do something that makes me happy’ seems to be working. Be it a walk, smoking a cigarette, consuming a chocolate bar or even going to watch some stand-up comedy.

I did a bit of a spring clean of my room today and thought I’d get rid of some clothes. I discovered that a lot of my trousers and jeans, that I had not worn for a couple of months, were at least two sizes too big for me. Although I can’t see it I must have lost weight, unless someone has been creeping into my house and altering my clothes in the dead of night like some perverted version of The Elves & The Shoemaker.

It seems like the old appetite suppressant method seems to work for me. Basically it consists of me drinking a lot of glasses of water to stop me getting so bloody hungry all the time and skipping the odd meal which I know a lot of people don’t approve of, trust me, I could do with skipping a meal or two!

I received an email last night from Roadrunner Records. I signed up to their mailing list and they send me free stuff every now and again. The email was telling me about a list that they had compiled of the top 20 under rated albums. I have copied the list below.

20. Pink Floyd – “Pulse”
19. Bloodbath – “Resurrection Through Carnage”
18. Starkweather – “Murder in Technicolor”
17. Bad Religion – “Recipe for Hate”
16. Aerosmith – “Rocks”
15. All That Remains – “This Darkened Heart”
14. Only Living Witness – “Prone Mortal Form”
13. Gojira – “From Mars to Sirius”
12. Opeth – “Still Life”
11. Wintersun – “Wintersun”
10. St. Vitus – “V”
09. Type O Negative – “Origin of the Feces”
08. Tool – “Opiate”
07. Mr. Bungle – “California”
06. Death – “Symbolic”
05. Far – “Water & Solutions”
04. Megadeth – “Youthanasia”
03. Fear Factory – “Soul of a New Machine”
02. Pantera – “The Great Southern Trendkill”
01. Faith No More – “Angel Dust”

This is not a list of the best albums, but albums that were not as appreciated as they should have been and do not get the credit they deserve.

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