4th Game in as Many Days

As if to prove how tough and hard I am I took part in my FOURTH game of football in four consecutive days as I attended training with Custom House tonight, I scored two goals and suddenly turned into a massive spoilt footballer as I demanded to be given the ball, took the ball off my team mates, moaned at them for not scoring, and threw a little strop at them for not picking me out in the box.

I am glad that I don’t have any more football until Friday as before the training started I lost the feeling in my legs below the knees, it felt like I was walking on a dull sense of pins and needles, was a great insight into how double leg amputees feel walking around on their springy legs.

Despite me doing more exercise I have started to put back on the 12lbs that I lost a couple of weeks ago which is both worrying and confusing in equal measure. I haven’t been starving myself as much as I did that week, but I have definitely been watching my food and increasing my exercise.

Photo by Rotorhead from FreeImages

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