33 Days Without Alcohol

Days left till holiday: 33!
Days without alcohol: 1!

I am a big fan of Richard Herring. Many people will probably not have heard of him and to be honest that is how I like it as it means I get to keep him all to myself. Telling other people about him would be like him cheating on me with them and telling them jokes he is only meant to share with me. The joke-telling whore!

Anyway, mad confusing rant out of the way, he had a problem with alcohol and food dictating his life. Whilst I do not have a problem with food my main problem is that I too allow alcohol to effect my life. Don’t get it twisted (I’m staying with the ‘yoot’ of today!) I’m not dependent on alcohol but I do consume a lot of it.

He hit upon a novel idea to kick off the year, see how long he can go without drinking a drop of alcohol. It turned out that he went 100 days without allowing a drop of alcohol to pass his lips. This little thing helped him not only lose weight but it gave him a very different outlook on like.

So I thought I would steal his idea like a thief in the night.

I’m not going to try and achieve the 100 days without alcohol that Richard did, instead I shall make a smaller attempt of 33 days, mainly because this is the day before I go on holiday.

I hope to achieve to main things with this:

1. It will help me in my attempt to remove my beer belly, some might have noticed that I have already dropped a jean size (I’m now wearing tighter t-shirt), but with a bit of exercise and weight training thrown in I should be able to shift the dreaded “flesh keg”.

2. It will help me save some money. I spend about half (on a good week) of my money on alcohol in a week and going 33 days without buying the stuff will mean I will be able to save some money to put towards my holiday.

Today is my first day so wish me luck guys. :)

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