12lbs Lighter

I weighed myself last night and discovered that since Monday I had lost 12lbs in weight. I went from weighing 263lbs to 251lbs and I could not be prouder of myself for this small achievement, an achievement that I managed to accomplish despite the many people around me who mocked and taunted me for sticking to my diet.

I don’t know why people like to piss on people who are trying to do something positive, the obvious reason would be to say that they are unhappy with their own lives and people bettering themselves makes them think of how crappy their own is, but I think there must be something a little bit deeper down than that.

But at the moment I’m ignoring them and am enjoying giving them all the middle finger and I’m very eager to see if I can lose more weight this week, I think 12lbs is the right balance, because anymore and I think it might affect my health to lose so much weight in such a short amount of time.

The diet I followed said I would lose 5lbs.

Photo by Stephanie Berghaeuser from FreeImages

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