I Finally Met The Thesta!

I arranged to meet up with Thes yesterday. We have been talking about meeting up for ages but something always came up. Sadly I could not think of an excuse so was backed into a corner to meet with the groping & poking Greek woman from Finchley. :)

I arrived about an hour early (I don’t like walking into pubs and looking for people, much prefer being there already) and almost instantly I offended the barman when he bent over and I got a rather unpleasant view of his arse as his trousers and underwear were round his knees. Apparently saying “Oh dear” and looking away in slight disgust is considered offensive.

We were joined by Will who made his entrance in a very cool pair of shades. He only stayed for about an hour we went over to another place where he was going to meet Jen. I made the mistake of waving at her and she glared at me like I’d slapped some sort of meat product on her plate.

After Will & Jen left I tagged along with Thes to a meet-up she as going to in Hackney with some of her gaming friends. The dozy cow got us hopelessly lost as we trudged around various parts of Hackney looking for a pub called The Pembury.

We eventually found the pub and we were barely seated for a minute when I had a map thrust into my face by some Danish bloke who was really pleased with his hand-drawn map of the area and wanted to show me how he got lost as well.

Despite the awesome reviews that people have given this pub I found the beer to be flat and rather stale, I ended up abandoning it.

I waited for Thes to get on a bus and then went to get myself a big bag of chips and got my own bus home. As I was walking into my estate I got a text message from her gloating about how quickly she had got home. Next time I shall put her on the wrong bus, that will teach her! :)

I thought it was a rather enjoyable night.

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