A Rather Random Night On Bethnal Green Road

I think Thes must have taken leave of her senses. Not only does she freely admit to having a good time meeting up with me (and others) last Friday but she asked me if I fancied meeting up again last night for a quiet drink!

She is stalking me. She came up with some cock & bull story about going to see a play in Bethnal Green (coincidence? I think not!) and she tried to make it look innocent by having a flyer to the show, telling me about the play and coming out of the building when I went to meet her. I don’t buy it for a second and I am on to your little game! 😉

I had a few beers before I met her. I went into The Sun Inn for one, as I got there rather early, and the place was jammed with posh people sitting at tables with candles stuck in wine bottles.

I moved on to The Old George (I have not been in that pub for years) and was pleasantly surprised to see it only had about four people in. “This is perfect for a nice quiet drink” I said to myself. Famous last words I fear.

After meeting Thes from her “play” we had a drink in there and then were forced to flee after a man got on stage and started butchering songs in the style of Tom Jones. I have no idea who he was or where he come from.

The Sun Inn looked packed so we were going to try The Shakespeare but heard someone murdering a song and ended up going to The Misty Moon which was quiet and had nobody belting out numbers that sounded like copulating cats.

On a trip to the bar I ended up standing in the middle of two mates, one of them was berating his friend for having the nerve to publicly admit that he and his wife call each other Tinker Bell & Peter Pan. The berater then turned to me and asked me if I call my missus Tinker Bell, I told him I’d need a missus first and would possibly come up with a better name than that.

After offending her with my awesome Ian Huntley joke I left Thes on the bus to watch someone be sick all over the top deck.

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